Functions of the Board

Pollution Control Regulatory functions

  •  To inspect industrial plants and manufacturing process, sewage or trade effluents, works and plants for the treatment of sewage and trade effluent or any control equipment, to review plans, specifications or other data relating to plants set up for effluent treatment or air pollution control devices, in connection with the issue consents for installation and operation of industrial plant and to give, such directions to such persons as it may consider necessary to take steps for the prevention and control or abatement of water or air pollution.
  •  To ensure that hazardous wastes generated by the industry are stored and disposed off without any detrimental effect to the environment.
  • Pollution Assessment
  • To assess the quality of water of rivers, streams, wells & ambient air in the State & to plan a comprehensive programme for the prevention, control & abatement of pollution.
  • Laying Down Standards for Effluent and Emissions
  • To lay down, modify or annual effluent standards for the sewage and trade effluents and for the quality of receiving waters resulting from the discharge of effluents and for the emissions of air pollutants into the atmosphere from industrial plants and automobiles.
  • Research & Development including setting up of the demonstration plants
  •  To encourage, conduct and participate in investigations and research relating to problems of water & air pollution and prevention, control or abatement thereof and to evolve economical and reliable methods of treatment of sewage and trade effluents, having regard to peculiar conditions of soils, climate and water resources of different regions.
  •  To evolve method of utilization of sewage & trade effluents on land for agricultural purposes.
  • Environment Awareness Programme
  •  To collect and disseminate information relating to water and air pollution and prevention, control or abatement thereof.
  •  To collaborate with Central Board in organizing the training of persons engaged or to be engaged in program relating to prevention, control or abatement of water and air pollution and to organize mass education programs relating thereto.
  • Advisory Role
  • To advise the State Government on any matter concerning the prevention control or abatement of water and air pollution.
  • Establishment Laboratories
  • To establish or recognize laboratories for analyzing of sample of sewage or trade effluent & air emission into the atmosphere.