Siting Criteria of Industries

Siting Criteria for  different categories of the Industries 

General Siting Guidelines 
  • No new industry of any category shall be allowed in the approved residential area of any town/city of the State of Punjab and no red/orange category of industry shall be given consent to establish within M.C. limits except in the designated industrial area/zone. 
  • The PPCB will continue to grant consent to establish to any category of industries, which are permissible in the mixed land use areas/zones as per by-laws of the notified Master Plan / draft master plan. 
  • All Red/Orange/Green category of industries, which are to be established in the areas / Zone other than designated/approved areas such as Industrial Area/Industrial Estate/Industrial Focal Point/Approved Industrial Park/Industrial Zone of the statutory/non-statutory Master Plans, will be allowed to set up at a distance of 100m outside the Municipal Council limits/ phirni of village/ designated residential area /residential area comprising of 15 pucca houses by the Competent Authority of the State. In such cases, certificate of its location/situation from the nearest village lal lakir/ phirni/ MC limits from the Revenue Authorities such as Deputy Commissioner/ Additional Deputy Commissioner or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate will be required for grant of consent to establish (NOC)/ authorization by the Board. 
Industry Specific Siting Guidelines 
Siting Guidelines and code of practice for Jaggery (Gur) units vide Office Order No. 192 dtd. 02.04.2019 (Size: 819 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English) 
for Rice Shellers/Par-boiling plants 
 Siting Guidelines for Rice Shellers/Par-boiling plants 
 Siting Guidelines for Brick Kilns/Cements Plants  
          (Later on Siting Guidelines of Rice Shellers/Saila Plants has been prescribed  separately vide  notification dated 13.09.2006 as given above)
Siting Guidelines for Hot Mix Plants  
Siting Guidelines for Stone Crushers  
Siting Guidelines for Construction Projects
Siting Guidelines for Hotels
Siting Guidelines for Poultry Farm 
NOTE : In addition to above Siting Guidelines , the Govt. of Punjab Department of Forest & Wild life Preservation vide its Notification No. 26/218/08-Ft-5/4097 dated 05.06.2012 (Size: 788 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English)has laid down Policy Guidelines   for compliance by Industrial Entreprenurs /Units in Eco Sensitive Zones surrounding Wild Life Sanctuaries /Zoos of Punjab State and the same be read  as part of all the above Siting Guidelines