Consent Management Cell

  • To scrutinize applications for consent under the Water Act, 1974 and the Air Act, 1981 received from the industrial units and local bodies in the State and to scrutinize applications for the authorization under the Hazardous Wastes [Management & Handling] Rules, 1989 as amended in 2000.
  • To scrutinize applications for No Objection Certificates from pollution angle to the new industrial units.
  • To vet the designs of effluent treatment plants and air pollution control proposals received from the industries.
  • To co-ordinate with other cells within the Board for laboratory back up and monitoring of treatment plant performance.
  • To scrutinize the proposals received from the Regional Offices of the Board for launching prosecutions against the defaulting industrial units and the local bodies both under the Water Act, 1974 and Air Act, 1981.
  • To prepare cases for initiating legal action under the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.