Seniority List of Every Cadre

  1. Seniority List of Chief Engineers (Size: 783 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English/Punjabi)
  2. Seniority List of Senior Environmental Engineers(Size: 1.2 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English/Punjabi) (30.11.2016)
  3. Seniority List of Environmental Engineers(Size: 203 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English) (30.11.2016)
  4. Seniority List of Asstt. Environmental Engineers(Size: 5.7 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)(17.11.2017) 
  5. Seniority List of Jr. Environmental Engineers(Size: 1.6 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English/Punjabi)
  6. Seniority List of Scientific Officers(Size: 463 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English) (31.12.2016)
  7. Seniority List of Asstt. Scientific Officers(Size: 487 KB, Format: PDF, Language: English) (31.12.2016)
  8. Seniority List of Jr. Scientific Officers(Size: 198 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  9. Seniority List of Scientific Assistant(Size: 719 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  10. Seniroty list of Sr. Law Officer and Law Officers(Size: 300 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  11. Seniority List of Superintendents (Size: 422 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  12. Seniority List of Senior Assistants(Size: 241 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi) 07.02.2017
  13. Seniority List of Senior Assistant (Accounts)(Size: 289 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi) 07.02.2017
  14. Seniority List of Steno-Typist(Size: 837 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  15. Seniority List of Clerk(Size: 1.6 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
  16. Seniority List of Data Entry Operator(Size: 157 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  17. Seniority List of Driver(Size: 1.3 MB, Format: PDF, Language: English)
  18. Seniority List of Peon (Size: 1.8 MB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  19. Seniority List of chowkidar(Size: 653 KB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)
  20. Seniority List of Filed Attendeants(Size: 2.8 MB, Format: PDF, Language:Punjabi)


Note : Above Seniority lists were prepared in the year 2014. Thereafter, the Board has promoted many officers/employees in different cadres and fresh recruitment was also undertaken. Accordingly, fresh seniority lists are being prepared by the Board and the same will be displayed on the website in due course of time.