Strategy of the Board




Take up highly polluting large and medium industries, most grossly polluted areas of the State and grossly polluted river stretches to be dealt with on priority basis for control of pollution.


Identification of pollution sources and follow up action for treatment measures being a continuous process, is being systematically pursued and in this direction good success has been achieved. Efforts have been made for creation of awareness about environmental pollution by educating the industry and local authorities. It is felt that if the adverse effects of pollution are correctly explained by the authorities and correctly understood by polluters, no person would hesitate to take up the necessary pollution control measures irrespective of the economic cost involved.


Promotional measures and assistance through incentives, guidelines, development of cost effective technologies and putting up of demonstration plants.


Persuasion of industry / local bodies to take preventive measures for the control of pollution.


Strengthening of capacities for pollution control through training and laboratory development and strengthening of man power and infrastructure.